I love being a host and provide experience to others. The endless opportunitesin this business are for as for others a reassonto be mobile, to experience different cultures, way of working, moving out of your comfort zone. The industry is aever changing.

Sting Mulders

I take responsibility for creating an environment in which my team can deliver brilliant hospitality. Currently I do this for my colleagues, the guests and The Slaak Hotel Rotterdam as an enterprise. It is my passion to balance the three interests. I do this by being inventive, organising decisive and I like taking on big … Read more

Sonia Garcia Navasquillo

I have worked as legal counsel within an international environment for the past 20 years. My values and dreams along with my passion and enthusiasm have brought me to Odyssey where I am delighted to be part of their team under the motto “People with passion can change the world – Steve Jobs”     … Read more

Sabrina Hofmann

I worked the last 13 years for Hilton. My last position was Cluster Front Office Manager for the Hilton & Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport and now the time has come for a new brand. I am now looking forward to the Moxy Spirit. My goal is it that the Moxy Kelsterbach become the place … Read more

Anne Ludmann

Service and experiences have always been of great importance to me Hospitality has always been a passion, I love to travel, meet people of different horizons and be a part of joyful moments shared with guests. I would not have imagined myself working in a different environment. I am very attentive to details and believe … Read more

Huib van Erp

As a little kid my father would take me to many hotels when on vacation. Not to sleep there, but just to experience. Walk in and feel, let yourself be inspired. 8-year old me was annoyed, but now I am passionate to create these inspiring environments. There are enough boring places in the world, let’s … Read more

Wim van Damme

I spent half of my life traveling and changing scenery. I learned to come home to places where my suitcase showed the way; living like that really grows on you. This business never stops to impress and cheer people up. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get…..!” … Read more

Tobias Boehm

 It all began 22 years ago when I attended the hotel management school in Bad Reichenhall. The focus here was not only on studying but also on having fun. Fun that I like to convey and like to experience anew every day. Because every day in the hotel is a different day. After several positions … Read more