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In the vibrant city center of Antwerp, Sapphire House Antwerp is much more than a hotel. Our hotel exudes the character and spirit of hundreds of years of trade. It represents an invigorating, lux- ury lifestyle that reflects the authentic Antwerp way of living. It stands out because of its location, architectural character, and unique history. A place that inspires guests and encourages them to share their experiences and stories.
The mother of all exchanges. Sapphire House is located at the first exchange in the world De Handelsbeurs. People from all corners of the world traded goods, experiences, stories, and ideas at this place. Exchange meant more than merely an eco- nomic transaction, and goods were traded alongside precious expe

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Lange Nieuwstraat 20-24
BE-2000 Antwerp
T +32 3 201 03 70

Guest rooms: 139
Meeting rooms: Attached to the Handelsbeurs – up to 1600 pax.

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Wildn & Plantn

Wildn refers to the wild herbs and flowers which will be used in the cooking. It is also a nod to the 16th century Antwerp city arms hanging above the entrance, with an image of the wild man and wild woman, the original inhabitants of this area. Wild’n will be turned into a plant-based gastronomic temple. Wildn is an all-around experience and concept that transcends raw food. It also includes fermented vegetables, homemade flavor enhancers, and even biscuits made from vegetable trimmings.

Plantn offers round-the-clock plant-based eating; it is a culinary delight and a sustainable and authentic concept. The products are thoroughly Belgian terroir: all the herbs, vegetables, wild plants, and flowers come from responsible farming. The vegetables are tasty and full of life. No lookalike dishes, so no vegetables are visually transformed into meat products. Vegetables must remain vegetables.

gastronomy Wildn Plantn
Anne Ludmann
GM Sapphire House Antwerp
Service and experiences have always been of great importance to me Hospitality has always been a passion, I love to travel, meet people of different horizons and be a part of joyful moments shared with guests. I would not have imagined myself working in a different environment.
I am very attentive to details and believe that even the most beautiful and luxurious place, if not run by the appropriate team, will not encourage guests to return; on the opposite, a less beautiful hotel run by a passionate welcoming team will create guest loyalty.
Luxury is about emotions and guest needs anticipation and attentiveness.
Leitmotiv: “Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends. Coco Chanel “