Hotel Management

Managing a hotel is no rocket science. It is hard work and requires a lot of attention, every day again, to small, but important details. It is also fun. Our teams are working hard to exceed our guests expectations. Front office staff running home to bring that one, NASA foam cushion, one guest asks for and our kitchen chef designs a new tasty menu every month are just two examples of what our people do for the guest. It is noticed! Our hotels enjoy excellent reviews and you know what we like best? In most reviews the best rated element is our staff.

Operating as a private and independent company, we are able to adopt a very flexible and pragmatic approach to all challenges and tasks. We therefore can create tailor-made solutions that meet all individual guest needs. Unlike large corporations in the hotel industry we have no rigid structures to which we have to adhere, enabling us to thinks outside the box. We can get things right for just that one property.