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We are a brand inspired by boundless thinking.

Odyssey Cares for a safe and hygienic environment

After a long period of insecurities and patience, our hotels look very much forward to welcoming you soon! Soon, we are finally able to do what is in our nature: hosting and serving our guests. Naturally, the safety and health of our guests and employees are our number one top priority. Odyssey Hotel Group has implemented safety measures ensuring our guests memorable experiences while maintaining a safe and hygienic environment. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, we are here for you. You find our COVID-19 measures and policies here. 

We are one of very few hotel management companies that understand hotels and the needs of the real estate investor. After all we are investors ourselves. The quality of the location, the right brand and a stunning design are all elements which create a great hotel and it therefore goes beyond saying that we always offer the investor a long term, fixed lease agreement. A lease agreement provides security and clarity. The landlord can concentrate on what he/she is good at: investing in property, whilst we concentrate on adding value by managing and safeguarding the quality of the hotels.

After working many years with one of the largest hotel companies in the world, Marriott International, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge on how to operate a hotel. We have learned about brand differentiation, guest satisfaction and innumerable other things that distinguish the good hotels from the mediocre ones. It has made us a solid partner for the brands which we collaborate with today.

Combining these two worlds gives us a unique position in the market. It enables us to develop hotel property ourselves, have it built and operate it. We work with hotel brands, architects, interior designers, suppliers, IT specialists, contractors, banks, investors, branding agencies and beer breweries. The list can be extended endlessly but it all revolves around our hotels. That’s all that matters.


Empowered by Passion


If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. Antoine De Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince

Our team values are based on our core values judgement, communication, impact, curiosity, innovation, courage, passion, honesty and selflessness.